Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bruce Harter and Richard Werlin part ways

We are sad to report that Bruce Harter and Richard Werlin have parted. Richard Werlin was supposed to silence teachers, not get them national attention. When he had second-grade teacher Jenny Mo arrested, he brought unwanted attention to the very issue he was supposed to cover up: bullying by kids in WCCCUSD. He also brought attention to bullying by adults--himself in particular.

California Teachers Association is in mourning. Richard Werlin got along well with United Teachers of Richmond president Gail Mendes, just as he got along well with former CVE president Gina Boyd. (He was happy to abuse the teachers they wanted him to abuse.) We can't help noticing that Gail Mendes looks like she was separated at birth from Chula Vista Educators former president Gina Boyd. They could be twins. Perhaps Werlin has a thing for slim, short-haired blondes? More likely, he has a gift for cultivating union presidents.

Perhaps CTA could give Werlin a job, since he seems to be having employment problems.