Thursday, October 18, 2007

Equal amounts for teacher pay in all schools

Clarity Freedman of Mil Calaveras School District last night made an impassioned plea for reform, asking the board to spend an equal amount of money for classroom teacher salaries for all schools in the district.

Currently, she claimed, the "easy" schools in the rolling hills on the edge of town have a majority of senior teachers collecting large salaries, while the city center schools have newly-credentialed or uncredentialed teachers. "The senior teachers should be working at the more challenging schools. The new teachers need some experience before they're ready to handle the problems of inner-city kids."

The two moderates on the board immediately agreed with Ms. Freedman, and motioned that a change in policy be prepared for the next board meeting. Angus Rimrod and Pamela Rector voted against considering any change in any policy. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," said Mr. Rimrod. Ms. Rector smiled sweetly, tilting her blond head fetchingly.

"It is broke," said Mr. Jonathan Kozol during public comments. "That's why you send your kids to a private religious school, the same one attended by the kids of the school's lawyer."

The school's lawyer said he would prepare a legal opinion stating that any change opposed by Mr. Rimrod and Ms. Rector would probably be illegal, since he runs a conservative law firm, and the Joint Powers Authority insurance broker doesn't want him to do anything that would reduce school problems, and thus the need for legal liability insurance.