Monday, November 26, 2007

Stuntz, Alterano, Schadenfreude & Hoax, APC

Mobilehoma School District has hired the law firm of Stuntz, Alterano, Schadenfreude & Hoax, APC to help get rid of troublemaker teachers. The district has had problems with teachers demanding that government funds be spent for the purposes intended. Even worse, some teachers have allowed parents to meet in their classrooms to discuss their children's education. In addition, some teachers have caused disturbances by reporting bullying by other teachers. One teacher caused turmoil by reporting to administrators that another teacher had caused a student to take a substance that caused kidney failure. All the teachers guilty of these actions have been placed on leave while the law firm prepares charges against the teachers.

The union representing some of the teachers in the district (and collecting money from all the teachers in the district) has stepped forward to support the efforts of the school district. Union leaders are demanding that teachers be allowed to bully students and other teachers and even administrators when necessary to maintain their authority.

"It's the only way to teach respect," said teacher leaders Terry Myers and Jim O'Neill.

School board members Alex "Ted" Carberry, Bertha Smith, Diane James and Pamela Carter agreed.